Do Artist Get Paid Well?

Well…Do They?

Sad to say, nope. Not usually. Artists are not paid well especially if they don’t have managers who are able to handle the business aspect of their talent.

If you want to make a living out of your craft, It’s best to start looking for a manager who believes in what you do. It is important to hire someone who has incredible business and negotiating skills as he or she will be the one who puts value in your craft. I am a firm believer that all artists have to generate revenue from all their masterpieces. Unfortunately, a huge majority of people do not realize the amount of work put into these works of art because these non-artists feel that the only investment they put in such items are the “feelings”.

There are artists who have spent years  studying their craft and have invested thousands of dollars in equipment that is meant to improve their talent, and people unfortunately valuate their outputs into measly amounts. This might be the reason why some artists feel undervalued/unaccomplished because their audiences tend to dictate what they are worth.

All artists should develop their business skills if they want to make legitimate living out of their craft. Unfortunately, being right-brained may limit this capacity as the analytical/business sensibilities come naturally to the left-brained one.

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